Monday, December 19, 2011

I'm questioning my belief

I wonder, global warming? global cooling? Mother Nature just not giving a shit? Either way it meant a non skiing still riding my bike weekend again. I'm not complaining, really I'm not even though I would like to do a little gravity sliding. Soon. Saturday was spent on the cross bike on a mix of pavement,gravel roads and what would normally be a snowmobile trail at this time of year. My route was guided by wind avoidance, it wasn't strong but yet strong enough to make things uncomfortable.

I managed to squeeze two hours it of the body before the feet and toes began losing the battle. Hot pockets under rubber booties are just not an equal match to minus 10 plus a wind chill. I've forgotten how uncomfortable freezing feet can be. As the miles clicked away the home stretch was insight from the top of the hill. A few seconds later I found myself walking. Flat tires never happen when you would like, until now. A five minute walk from home which happened to be the perfect distance. It was just long enough to thaw the feet in a non painful way.

Sunday was a return to Copeland with Andrew and Jer. Solid ride, lots of climbing. It lead me to finally change out the dry tires. It looks like there is still a lot of trail riding to be done. Maybe it was the fact I couldn't hook up on a few climbs, but it finally meant the tire was beyond its all conditions no matte what use. Only a couple months before they return. Another 2 plus hour ride, I found myself riding a bit awkward but am blaming it on the tires, which now that are changed eliminates that excuse, and the slight plague.

Im not stricken with the full plague, Shannon is finally on the downside of it, so far I'm still feeling 80 percent or better and popping all the legal kill the bug drugs I can. The week is shaping up with a few more pre Christmas dinner rides. I need to lose the weight before filling my belly with all that goodness.

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