Monday, December 12, 2011

it came, we saw, we?

I didn't get to play, well not at the level I would have liked to. The snow came, now it's looking like it will be gone again. Frustrated. THe countdown to a true return to training is approachinng very quickly and my 2012 plan is looking a little difficult. An attempt to avoid riding indoors and even limit outdoor rides and just focus on xc skiing is looking a little challenging.

Maybe it was my over zealous craving for snow and my continued battle with Mother Nature. Maybe Al Gore was right. Maybe it was Chuck not wanting to sit in the cold padded room alone all winter. So far to date, days on skis --- zero, days on rollers.---- 4. Am I sulking, whining, complaining, bitching, etc. Yes I am. What happened to the prediction of a tough winter with an excessive amount of snow???

I'm feeling that I may need to sabotage my snowblower, scuff up the freshly waxed classic skis, and put my summer tires back on the car just to counteract the anti snow jinx I may have created.

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