Saturday, December 17, 2011

borrowed time?

I sure as hell hope not. Shannon has the plauge, bird flu, mad cow disease, SARS, or what ever lease is know as the common cold. What does this mean for me? Well my concern is will I get it and if so when. This means each day of training is a bonus . Of course with Christmas coming quickly being sick is almost expected. I've attempted to quarantine her to the bedroom, of course don't tell her I'm doing this. As for me, I'm eating cold fx and vitamin C like its going out of style, will be injecting garlic like a good drug and sucking back as much fluid as possible. Attempts of using Jedi mind tricks to keep the virus from hell at bay will also be used.

A rest day yesterday, the weekend is shaping up to being a full on epic weekend. Coffee is tasting good as I wait for the sun to come up and tempature to rise. I beleive today will be a hot pocket day out on the road. At a crisp -15 I havent grown my winter manlyness yet for that yet. A couple different ride options have been put in front of me for this morning. It's going to be a coin toss decesion. All options are awesome.


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