Thursday, December 22, 2011

chilling while at warp speed

Life rolls on but not in this house. It's looking like the wheels will stay idle for most of the bikes, Chuck had a few minutes of quailty time on the rollers before being put away for pretty much the rest of the year. As the hectic rush of Christmas begins to slow down and the days till holidays can be counted on one hand riding has taken a bit of a back seat. In my life it's usually exhausting the week before rest and that states true again this year.

It's looking like a green Christmas is guarentteed, there will be no snowshoeing or xc skiing on Christmas day, are usual tradition, instead they will be traded out for trail runners on solid ground, a little disapointed for sure. It is was it is. I'm feeling a year in review will be coming soon, just not this morning. Coffee to drink, time is short.

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