Friday, December 9, 2011

testing 1 2 3

It took a little more effort than I thought but I managed to kick my ass outside to play. It was windy, cold (around the freezing mark is cold right now) and snowing on and off. It was a warm day in February but I did debate about it a little more than I thought I would. After spending time on those rollers from hell the previous day, I needed some forward movement. It was time to test the big wheel, in short, best winter bike I've ever built up.

Mixed things up a bit, started on some gravel roads, just happen to have a solid climb mixed into it. After 30 minutes of going straight I made a hard right turn into the woods and began following some yellow arrows. Yes in my neck of the woods they just randomly put yellow arrows on trees. The adventure continued beyond just a fun double track trail when I was forced to stop by a small lake. If it was warm I may have attempted to ride through it, if it was colder I could have ridden over it. On this day I was hike a bike around it, dragging my big wheel over trees, a little upper body work out. Eventually I made my way back out on the gravel and settled into a good endurance peace for the rest of the ride. Movement in the cold is still better than warmth on the hamster wheel.

A hour and a half of testing of the KHS, happy with it and gives me something to entertain myself with until I can ski. The weekend is shaping up, a little riding and hiking along with a great event. Rick Hansen's Man in Motion relay comes to the area Sunday. Should be amazing to see.

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