Thursday, July 5, 2012

the good and the bad

Solid weekend of riding, a day with some puke inducing pace mixed in, another with a ton of climbing in the big backyard topped off with watching the twins do what they do best. Something that others would never try, including myself. Partly from fear, partly because of common sense. Yep, a great long weekend.

Then I woke up feeling off, sore thought, hazy head etc etc. Sick and me don't get along well. I don't like being forced not to be able to do things but I took my medicine and spent two evenings on the couch watching movies and napping after busy days at work. I had to, I'm excited for this weekends road trip.

Sudbury Ontario cup,nice change,new venue, something different. Back on the dualie, forgot how much I love my anthem. Should be fun.

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