Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Life just keeps rolling along, some great road rides over the last couple weeks. Been pretty must forced to ride road after I shredded my hand and braking became questionable. I sometimes forget how many great roads there are here, including a couple that were just paved yesterday.

Slowly starting to feel stronger, having the later start of somewhat structured riding this year has me feeling happy to not have small hills hurt as much. My main focus for this year, the house, is coming along, the big jobs are done giving me more time to play on the bike and now with the new kayak. 13.5 foot day tripper is perfect for Georgian Bay adjust gives me one more Toyota play with. The Molly monster does give me a dirty look when I leave with it instead of the canoe and her.

Looking like a nice day, no rain again today. I feel it will be a ride then paddle type day. Coffee first

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