Monday, April 30, 2012

Ontario Cup #1

It has begun, unfortunatly for me it didn't start as planned. Made my way to Mansfield for Ontario Cup #1 feeling far from ready. The legs were there, somewhere, good ride of the course on Friday let me know they were there and the bike was right for the course. A good warm up and things did still feel good. All the usual hoopla from warm up to the start line. A few new faces in the group, a very fast group indeed. Off and ru Ning and my legs did what they normally do in a mass start. Settled into the back 2/3 of the pack as everyone killed it up the start climb. I just did my thing, as the pitch got steeper some began to fade and my wattage just stayed steady, rolling by a few. Next half of the course I just let the bike do it's thing sitting atthe pack of 4, couldn't get past them on the straights yet and no room in the single track. Just waiting patiently for my move, aww there is some pause and fatigue, one passed. Fade at the bottom of the short steep pitch, another. On the brakes in a wide section of single track, another. Hey this is feeling pretty good. I've motored my way to the edge of the top 10 and still feeling good. Hit the feed at a steady pace but for some reason my brain got made at me and my race has now taken a back seat, up the climb I shift way mo than I needed to, hit the top and sit up. Yep, that's it. Have a couple major personal issues shut down the body. Pulled of the course, frustrated but I almost expected this to happen, I was hoping that some adrenalin And hype would mask and distracte me from what is happening in my head, unfortunatly it didn't. Of course I did race long enough to catch the Mansfield cough which had me in bed a few minutes after I got home feeling like death, some sleepless nights over the last couple days didn't help either but managed to use the old fashion chicken noodle soup to hopefully battle off the potential of a cold. Feeling pretty blah this morning but not as bad as I expected. Hoping the ride with the boys tonight will make me feel better, of course the first Wednesday night world cup is this week, that always does. Training will resume a couple weeks till Woodnewton. Lots of time.

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