Monday, April 9, 2012

My international Easter

Headed east this past weekend, travelling lighter than normal with only a road bike strapped to the roof. Its been a while s once I've driven the northern route to Ottawa, fun roads, sometimes I craved a little more immaturity to play on them. Once at my sister's place in Rockland I got out for a short spin to get the 5 hours of stagnent movements out of the body, followed with seem family time.

Saturday was the bigger day, some map starring. Finally came up with a route off my sister's idea. 45 km up and down the river with two ferry crossings. I figure I would add more distance after the 2nd crossing. "How hard could it be". For those that know Top Gear you know what that leads to. Rolled down the driveway, along the first road, turned left and got blasted by wind. Yep it will be a nice ride. 15 minutes later I rolled to the first ferry crossing. I was nervous, crossing the boarder with no papers. I did bring my wallet, I was prepared, 2 dollars was all it took to bribe the operator to sneak me across the river. Once on the other side I started heading east on the 148. Nice wide shoulder,relatively flat but random blast of wind to slow the forward motion down. All is good, or so I thought.

I looked at the maps but didn't actually plot any distances. I was told 45 km loop, no worries. As I motored along I started wondering. It had been an hour already, hmm I'm not riding slow, I should have been to the other crossing by now. I know I don't speak the language but I don't think they have different pictures for boats,or do they. Did I miss it? I couldn't have. I started paying more attentiion to every sign. I finally stopped in Montobello and pulled out the phone. Hmm, should have plotted it, 2 km later I was heading back to Canada. Of course it cost me more to come back, for some reason it cost 3 dollars to get back,I didn't even have anything to declare.

The sun broke on the Canadian side of the river but the wind didn't drop. The return trip had me looking for a refueling stop, I was travel long light for what was turning into a 3 hour ride. Got some strange looks at the local depenaur where I swear everyone smokes. I remember those days, don't miss them. Great loop, there is a longer option which I'd like to do. Sundayhad me out riding with my brother-in-law for a 2 hour loop. The wind again was hammering. Great as a tail wind, stop-you-dead blasts not so much.

Legs are a good tired from the weekend, will feel them tonight on the MNS ride. Will be happy to be back in the woods, out of the wind.

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