Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A return to structure

Riding bikes isn't supposed to be, it's serious shit so start to focus. Woo, hold up screw that thought, its always fun. But it's time to get back to some controlled workouts and that means leaving the big tired bikes alone for a while. My sneaky manipulation of Mother Nature has worked and the weather has returned to slightly warmer than normal spring tempatures and the return of the sun. How did I do this, Shannon and I finished the training room on the weekend, to say its bad ass would be an understatement. Roughly a 7 foot screen from the projector for entertaining and amusing while trapped on the hamster wheel of death. Hopefully I don't have to use it till the winter.

The return to the road bike, I must say I'm happy about that, I miss the simpliesty and the structure of the the road and the power tap. Less than 3 weeks till the next big leg test, lots of time,so little time. No trails for the next week, let the asphalt games begin.

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