Sunday, April 22, 2012

a strange change, I like it

It's Sunday morning and I'm pouring coffee down my throat and watching a bit of a reversal of rolls. I'm sitting here not moving fast and Shannon is scurrying around getting ready to ride. Who would have ever thought they would see this. I'll be moving soon, just waiting for it to warm up a hair before heading to the big backyard to try out the now rocking xtc29er that's sporting new wheels and a few other weight dropping improvements. I'm excited. We have taken 4 plus pounds off the bike from its initial delivered weight, most of that it the rolling department. With all the fun with the bike there have been some discussion involving racing, mainly between Tristan and myself. It's pretty much official that we won't be spinning the wheels at the 24 hour this year. A few simple reasons, first off, T separated his shoulder a couple weeks ago, it's healing, slowly. As for me, I didnt really have the race in the cards until T asked me. I'm really looking forward to a season without complete and utter exhaustion, it will give me a chance to recharge for my return to the solo catagory as an old guy in the 40 plus division. I must say that I'm enjoying the shorter races, short training days etc. 5 years of big hour days adds up. So what does the month of June have in store for me? What about July? I've normally been trashed in July and have crap results, could this change this year? Myabe, will there be a longer race in my schedule this year? Maybe. It's a season of changes, no 24 hour, I continue to forget that I have a sweet 26 inch dualie in the basement, Shannon is more anxious to get on her bike than I am. I like 2012 so far.

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