Monday, August 13, 2012

Buckwallow Ontario cup

Round what ever in the Ontario scene brought us to the land of rocks. Had some simple plans for this race, survive the double track and pin it in the singletrack. Basiclly work my strength and try and cover my losses where I'm weak.

The start was intense, long double track. It seemed longer than I remember and with random rocks and roots on there it was tough tucking in the pack. The first lap felt pretty good, rode the technical well and when I came up on riders I got a chance to recover. Then we hit the double track and I suffered. was still semi fast though.

Lap two had Mr. Holmes join me, we worked together for a bit but couldn't keep his pace on the double track. I was also stressing a little, my bottle decided it didn't like my bike and removed itself early in the lap. No worries,I can suffer it out till the feed. Again the lap felt pretty good, strong where I should be etc etc.

Came through the feed and took a huge gulp, turned left into the single track feeling relieved and good, pick it up a little. When I exited upon the double track I reached down for my bottle. "Are you shitting me?". No bottle, this is going to start taking its toll. I tried to stay positive and keep pushing hard but I could feel the legs craving a bit a some sort of calorie intake. I started to watch for my previously dropped bottle on the trail. I also got tempted to just grab some random bottle but everyone I spotted I was travelling to fast to make it worth stopping.

Lap 4, I was feeling it, that hint of cramping. Trying to bring in fluids as quick as I can but not bloat myself. Damaged was done,this lap was going to be survival. I also panicked a bit about losing this bottle. That's when one of my strategically dropped bottles appeared. Dam right I stopped and picked it up. You know, just in case.

By the midway part of the lap I knew I was going to survive without cramping, attempted to raise my pace a little. I could hear some bikes in the distance and wasn't sure if my fading was allowing someone in my division to gain, ended up being Watson lapping through for the win in elite. Crossed the line a few minutes later.

A couple things, the 1.5 hour kayak Saturday nit may have not been a great idea but was enjoyable. I really missed my dualie yesterday, need that baby fixed before provincials. I was happy with my results, considering the lack of training etc etc. I'll be changing out that bottle cage this week.

I need coffee, a lot of it

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