Saturday, May 10, 2008

Well I'm not dying, I'm not exhausted, I'm not overtrainied. I have a stupid computer that likes to give me stress that I didn't need. Everyone kept saying your fine but until both Dr Bill and Heather said it I was still unsure.

Fixing Heather's appliances is well worth the information she gives me. I think I better start stock piling the repairs for the hundred plus questions I will have when I start training with the compu-trainer next winter.

With my mind back in check it was back to riding. I broke my routine to ride with Heather yesterday in Tom's forest. Man have they ever done an amazing job cleaning up the trails. Almost the whole system is ride able again. Here I was thinking that I would be finding a few new training trails. This is great because I need to start planning a few night rides to get the eyes used to playing in the dark again. I also want to play with my lights. My bar lamps should be in any day.

This morning things were all back on track. 5.5 hours on the mountain bike. I know O-cup tomorrow but I'm not concerned. Tomorrow is a hard training ride. My legs felt tired right after I got off the bike but are now feeling really good. They should be a bit tired considering the crew I was riding with. Riding the XC on the road with slicks is always fun when everyone is rolling on the skinny wheels.

As for my crashed computer. New Garmin on its way. Even with the stress it caused I still think its that best toy I've bought in a long time. I'll send the crashed unit out for repairs once the new one arrives. The only complaint I had with the Garmin was the burn time of only 9 hours. This means no tracking 24 hours races. With the second unit it will be covered.

Ok enough babbling. 2nd Ocup tomorrow. Of course a race report will be up after the event. The course map shows ALOT of double track. 9km loops. Albion Hills is always fast and this will also give me a chance to ride some of the single track that will be in Summer Solstice.

Gotta go, food is here


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