Monday, May 26, 2008

the curse of Mansfield?

My last day of holidays and also a rest day gave me a little time to think about this past race. Not so much about it being an 8 hour but more about the location of the event. I think Mansfield has a curse on me.

If you remember back to my ordeal with the Paris to Ancaster race and the cursed hotel I think there is a trend for Mansfield and me. This is the 4th year I've done this 4th time I've done the spring 8 hour there along with 1 Ontario Cup and 1 Enduro.

So here comes the list of things I've had happen. So this 8 hour I was puking, got a flat that couldn't be fixed with a co2 sealant, had severe pain in my right foot and topped it off with my seat coming loose on the 2nd last lap.

The Ontario Cup race a month ago I had my handle bars come loose about 2 km from the finish line. That was still a scary decent down devils drop with my bars turning in my hands.

Last fall there were no issues during the Enduro. Well nothing that stands out at least.

The 8 hour of 2007, I had my bars come loose on me at the 3 hour mark and some moron forgot to have a tool on him. That happened only once, Tool pack, don't leave home without it!

2006 8 hour was another nightmare. Just after the 2nd lap I had the chain start to skip on me. I found out later that it was 2 broken teeth on the middle chain ring. I also had the seat come loose. Holy crap.

So now to clear things up. Yes the bikes are checked before a race. Actually multiple times by myself and Dave. I have never had problems at any other endurance race. I don't think I've had any major problems at any other real mechanical problem at any venue besides Mansfield.

So is Mansfield cursed to me. I don't know. I did see the culprit to the flat tire on the weekend. A 1.5 inch long nail. That was what was ticking but by the time I stopped and looked for it, it was already pushed far enough into the tread to blend in with the tread.

Some decisions were made on the bikes that I will be riding for the Solstice race. A very early THANK YOU to Rob for helping me out. It will come back ten folds. Will update more as the event draws closer. For now its back to building.

Great job again to everyone who raced this weekend. One of the most demanding course the boys from Chico Racing have done to date. What will they have for us at Summer Solstice!!!


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