Friday, May 16, 2008

Riding with anchors last night. Timed the weekly series race into my ride tonight. Ok, so it wasn't a race for me. My legs are no where to be found. The boys hammered off the line and I paced with them for the first couple km's. That was all I needed to tell myself to slow down.

Cruised the course at a pace just below what I ride at for an 8 hour. May as well get the mind into slowing down a hair. Have to get into the mind of endurance racing not 3 lap stuff.

My legs show up when they need to be there, race day. The Mansfield 8 hour is next weekend. I know that Big Ring Racing is sending a crew down for the race. I've also heard that Andrew Parry will not be racing. Andrew is one of the biggest threats for Solstice. This is a bit of a proving ground race for the June race.

On a good note, the rest of my lights came in yesterday. Will get some pictures up and a review in the next couple days. I so need to go for some night rides. I fired them up in the living room last night and lets just say, Holy Crap they are bright!!! Huge burn time, no heat from the light itself, super light and no worries about the bulb breaking if I crash.. Gotta love LED. I will be selling off some of my older systems.

More to come on the lights.


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