Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm on holidays and it's raining. HMMM I've also timed my recovery week and a race around this time. It also happens to be the famed May 2-4 weekend. All back to the reason it's raining.

Saturday's LSD ride turned into a boring roller session. After spending so much time on them all winter I really do find it hard to ride indoors now. Now the excitement did pick up yesterday.

Big group ride planned in Copeland Forest. Of course the plans are always great until it rains. Only 3 other brave soles showed. Of course mix the rain in with temperatures in the single digits and the discouragement to ride shows up really quick.

I love the cold and I get off riding in conditions that make people suffer. Hell I did it all winter but I didn't even want to be out there. Even with trails that look like this.

With all the crap weather the shortened rides are not a bad thing. The body is really liking the extra rest and I'm pretty sure it needs it now. The intensity has been pretty high these last few weeks and this recovery week is well needed.

It's time for more coffee and lots of lounging. Another group ride this afternoon, the sun is out, should be fun.


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