Friday, May 2, 2008

That was the plan for the evening with a stop at the Mountainview weekly series. Spent the first 2.5 hours on a mix of rail trails, atv trails, gravel roads and a little bit of single track. This was all about base miles.

It's not a great route for the mind and excitement but perfect for the legs. This is what round two was for.
The Mountainview race series has grown dramatically in the last couple years. So has the trail system. The level of riders has also jumped dramatically in the last couple years with a couple of them being the top riders in their divisions. Yep this means no cruise control to ride with these boys.

My legs were feeling a little trashed before the race even started. The last couple days have been tough workouts and I knew things were going to hurt even more. There were around 25 riders in the unlimited division include Pro Elite rider Jacob McClelland. Lets just say that the pace was stupid fast right from the word go. I did what I could and stayed in the top 5 for most of the first lap but my legs kept reminding me that this was a training ride. I backed things down to an 8 hour pace.

There is alot of climbing in Mountainview. The hill is not that high in vertical feet but you would swear you were climbing a mountain. I was down in the small ring spinning. The course is very physically and technically demanding. It's awesome. Of course knowing everyone there its fun to get little battles going on the course.

An hour later I was sprinting across the line with Mark only a few feet behind me. So much fun. In a sick twisted way of loving that pain. Yep I'm doing it again next week.

Add in the spin down to the house for a total of 3:45 on the bike. My legs are feeling like anchors today but it's a rest day. Hot tub and ice baths tonight. Crap weather for the weekend. Lots of rain. Trainer sessions all weekend? Probably.


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