Friday, May 30, 2008

It was back at it after a couple days of rest. The legs are recovering quickly. I'm skipping the Canada Cup this weekend. A few reasons. Not a benefit to my training this week. That is the excuse I'm using. It's more that its going to pour rain all weekend. I also would start early and I just don't feel like doing this event. Yep just an excuse to not race in the rain. Of course I will probably still go to check things out.

I'm hoping that the rain lets off a bit to sneak a night ride in. It's been a few months since I've had to use the lights and I really want to play with the new twin system.

Another toy showed up today. A sweet set of Mavic Crossmax SLR's along with my Michelin tires. These wheels are equal to some 22 inch chromes with spinners on a pimp wagon. I've had great luck with the Crossmax's and am hoping it continues with the SLR's. Fast and almost a pound lighter that my XL's.

Hoping the rain lays off a bit so I can get some testing in of both the wheels and the lights. Hell I would be happy with one or the other.

Pictures later once I get the setup done.

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