Sunday, June 1, 2008

Recovery ride for the soul. That's what it felt like yesterday. It was a short camping weekend with Meg's parents. Of course when I asked her if they would mind me bringing down a bike she was pretty quick to say go for it. They understand.

The roads around here are getting a little boring since I think I know where every crack, bump and curve is in every road within 80km of my house. I brought the cross bike just so I could keep my options open.

This was one of those rides that I would look at a crossroad and say lets see where this goes. Armed with my camera, $10, cell phone and a couple bars I was good for a few hours. I also had no heartrate limitation for this ride. It was just riding. The only thing I was aware of was the really dark clouds that seem to be lingering in the distance. After the thunderstorm we had a few hours earlier you couldn't ignore them.

I followed the lake shore till I hit the first no exit sign and turned left. When i hit the first gravel road my mouth changed shape to a smile. This was the best my legs have felt since before the 8 hour. Hell this is the best the whole body has felt in a while. It must have been the thrill of riding new roads. At this point I still kinda new where I was. Now the perk of riding the same roads is knowing where stores are to refuel. HMMM.

I've been making a few right and left now on to a mix of pavement and dirt roads. Still smiling and having fun. Smoking along in the mid 30's on cross tires always puts a smile on my face. This is when I hit a road that I thought I knew where it went. 30 minutes of riding I start to think about which way I was going. That and the fact that I was starting to get low in the bottles and I haven't' seen a store in an hour and a half. YEP HMMMM.

This is the first time I have ever used the return to start on my Garmin. I took the next left and the arrow said I was heading in the right direction. To bad it couldn't tell me in advance that I was about to ride the meanest crushed stone road that I've ever been on. How I didn't get a flat over the next 15km I have no idea.

I also started to question my gps. I kept looking at the arrow waiting for the display to change and say "You're lost sucker" Eventually I did make it back to a road that I knew. It's been along time since I went for one of those rides. I also forgot how fun the cross bike is for making rides like that possible. Pavement is boring.

I had a night ride planned for last night also. Bike was setup and ready to roll. It was just waiting patiently for it to get dark. It's like watching paint dry. As the light started to dim it had some added help of some dark clouds. The rain came in and my decision was made by flipping a coin. Cold, wet night ride alone on a slick trail was not a wise choice. Racing in it is different. I'm not sure If I will get a night ride in before Solstice.

Today is a trail ride in Tom's. Testing the new wheel setup. I will take pictures, promise.


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