Thursday, June 19, 2008

Final days of prep. All the bikes are back and tuned. Gear is ready to roll. Support crew is prepped. What have I been doing the last couple days. The same as the Molly Monster. She's got style.

I've been pretty mellow the last few days. It's almost scaring me that I can slow down this much. The legs are feeling pretty good. They actually feel a bit weird. Oh wait they are not sore. HMMM new feeling.

The weather is looking like a mix bag. Sun, cloud, chance of rain, high in the mid 20's low in the single digits. Hmmmm does this make you start to wonder if they just randomly pulled the weather forecast out of a hate. I think the only thing they didn't put in the forecast was snow. You never know.

Race report will be up sometime Monday.

Till then


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