Thursday, June 12, 2008

Everything is coming together. I took a couple days off after Rideau. More to get caught up around the house and get some of the final prep work for Solstice done.

Lighting for the support crew is now taken care of. It's hard to keep a tent lite up while being as environmentally friendly as possible. In other word no generator! With lots of research and searching I have a huge power box that should keep things bright for them.

I've been toying with racing this weekend at the Ganaraska race on Sunday. I think this is going to be a last minute decision. It's that poison ivy that has me thinking. I'm not planning on falling or getting off the trail for any reason but that's not to say that it won't happen. I also spent enough time in the car last weekend that I'm not sure if I want to spend another 5-6 hours driving on Sunday for a sub 3 hour race.

I'm riding the Solstice course on Saturday. I'm interested to see what Shawn and Adam come up with this year. Will get 3-4 laps. I pretty much know every curve, root and climb there so I'm hoping there will be some new trail cuts added.


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