Friday, June 27, 2008

Post race blahs

I have never wanted to sleep so much. Let me rephrase that. i have never slept so much. This week has been all about recovery. My body is slowly feeling better, the knees are not to bad but I have yet to turn the pedals. I'll be on the bike this weekend for some short rides.

Of course all hell has broken loose with the company. This is the normal way things seem to happen. There are times it would be nice to just be an employee.

I've had lots of time to rethink the race and things that happened. What would have worked better, what worked perfect. The nutrition side of things started coming together later in the race. I'm still content with my decisions made during the event. Shit happens that you can't control. I can muscle my way through an 8 hour race and still be near the top of the standings. A 24 hour race everything needs to come together.

I'm in decision of what to do for Hot August Nights 24 hour. Heather and I have talked about Tag Team. This is what I am hoping. Her concerns is on recovering from it so she can do Crank the Shield 3 day race a month later. If she is not able to ride then it's searching for another super fast rider for tag or the other thought is to run it solo again. My concern about the later is that I really really want to race the Mountainview 9 Hour the week before. I won this race last year, it's my home event and it's also just down right fun!!

So here is the call out, if you are interested in tag team let me know. I've given Heather a couple weeks to get her training planned out before I register.

Alright time for work.


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