Saturday, June 14, 2008

Solstice preride

Lets just say this. I was kinda shocked at the course. First off, it is a really fun course. Now the shocker. There is not very much climbing. There are lots of short steep grinds but no long accents. I'm actually a little disappointed. Since I do like to climb.

Now on another note, I think this is one of the more technical course that the Ruepel's have put together. HMMM is Shawn on a kick, first the 8 hour being more abusive than normal now toughing up the course at the 24. I like it.

It is definitely course that gives you a craving to do another lap. The Albion Witch is in the course again along with a couple more pine tree sections. I think all race courses should be built around pine trees.

There are a few new sections that have never been used in the past along with a fresh cut section that at this particular time sucks your momentum to a crawl. With the traffic of 2400 riders it won't take long to become fast.

I rode 3 laps at a conservative pace. Off the times I rode per lap I would be figuring that the Elite team riders will be running 42-43 minute laps. I'm planning to be a bit slower than that.

Ended up meeting Andrew Parry at Albion. He had the same idea as myself and almost the same riding plan as I did. We rode 3/4 of a lap together. He is riding strong and will be major threat out there next weekend. I still look at his bikes in aww. Andrew is a good 6'3" and rides Gary Fisher 29'er full suspensions. They make my little carbon hardtail look like a 5 year olds bike.

My legs felt good. It's funny, I'm not used to having them not be sore and tired. Well that will change in about 6.5 days. I've pretty much decided to bail on the Ganaraska race. That poison ivy is a bit scary. I'll do my short hammer ride either at Mountainview or Tom's forest. The Molly Monster needs a good run.

For now it's relax time. Tomorrow another ride. Sorry no pictures. You will just have to ride it yourself.


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