Friday, June 6, 2008

It's been a busy week but some major prep work for the first 24 hour of the year are coming together. The new tent has arrived and is set up in the back yard. The lighting for it is still a bit of a mystery at this time. I'm trying to be as environmentally concusses as possible so this means NO generator. Have a few ideas.

Riding has more matenince right now. I was at the Mountainvew weekly series last night. It was the first mud/rain/thunderstorm ride of the season. Now except for taking a wrong turn on the course and going from 1st to well beyond last in the first lap it was fun.

It's a road trip weekend. Heading to Ottawa for the OBC's Rideau Lakes Tour. This is a 360km road ride over 2 days. Ottawa to Kingston then the return the next day. I've done this tour before. It's pretty amazing to see because there are over 2000 riders doing this event. I'll be hanging with the Big Ring Racing crew. I know they will keep the pace pretty high since most are getting ready for the BC Bike Race.

Will have lots of pictures. It should be an interesting weekend since they are calling for a major heat wave. Gotta love that first heat training ride. Time to get packed and ready to roll.

Back in a few days.


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