Sunday, May 4, 2008

One hell of a long weekend. I've revised my training plan a bit now that the season is under way and I'm spending more and more time on the mountain bike whether its on the road or trails. Some slicks are making things a little more enjoyable on the road.

My sister and her boyfriend were down from Ottawa this weekend. Rick aka Golonghardman from Big Ring Racing road from Ottawa over the last two days. 200 plus km each day. Great job Rick.

This gave me a chance to ride with my sister. It's been a long time since we have racked up some km's. 3 hours with Jenn then another hour on my own. Trust me when I say that it was hard getting that 4th hour in. The weather was crap. Rain and wind.

Today was another story. Since I didn't get a pony for my birthday this morning I did the next best thing. 3.5 hour trail ride with the boys. Copeland forest was the playground for the day. Small group, Rob, Lee and Dr. Bill but this also meant very little waiting since they are all quick strong rider.

Copeland is a great place to work on climbing and technical riding. Rob was the tour guide. Thanks buddy. There was a 5th there. The Molly Monster was in her glory.
As for me, it was all about base miles and time in the saddle.

Every ride I do I'm loving my XC Carbon more and more. I am also have less concerns every ride about my back and riding a hardtail. The carbon smooths out all the chatter.

Rolled back down to the cars, a quick jaunt home to drop off the dog and switch out the wheels to the slicks. Another hour and half later I'm not sitting on my ass typing this. Things are feeling good overall. I'm a wee bit tired but I'm getting an amazing birthday dinner tonight.

I think this is one of the best birthdays I've had, even though I didn't get a pony!!!

Rest day tomorrow. Will post some pictures of the ride today later. For now it's relax time.


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Nate Dawg said...

why get a pony for your birthday when you can go riding all day?