Friday, May 9, 2008

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Going to see Heather today. Been a bit concerned about this heartrate thing. I know that my Garmin had a weird shut down on Sunday and since then it seems to be reading a wrong heartrate. Out by about 20-25 beats. Ok that is what I think is happening but of course I want to make sure I'm not hitting that overtraining mark.

Heather is going to check my training program to date and give me a few suggestions and will probably influence my decision about racing at the O-cup this weekend. It's not an important race to me but if it would be better to spend the time riding slow that at full out pace that is more important.

I have talked to Dr. Bill and he thinks will be all ok but he thinks its a great idea for Heather to check things over. She doesn't coach me but when your best friend does that coaching thing for a living I'm constantly picking at her brain. All it costs me is fixing her washer!! Works for me.

With that said, I have taken it easy the last 2 days. Not going to get fat and lazy with 2 rest days. I know I'm training better than ever but of course you need to have a little reminder that yes the program is right or no you need to change things.

It's interesting though that all this is happening since I just did my fastest ever non TT bike result at the time trial. I also had a kick ass result in the weekly series and the first o-cup. The legs feel great, I'm sleeping great, I'm no grumpier than usual, I want to be on the bike! My resting heartrate is normal also. Everything is normal except for this strange readings off the heartrate monitor. Fingers crossed that everything is fine.

I'm taking half a day off work and will be getting a ride in this afternoon. Going to play in the dirt!


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