Friday, May 23, 2008

Just blah!!!! Well that's what I have felt like the last few days. This crappy weather has gotten to me. The less you are able to do will eventually give you the energy level of a rock. I have slept alot on my holidays. Not that there was much else to do.

The rain finally broke yesterday. Not that it was all that great. It was still only about plus ten. It was the wind that just wrecked it. Talk about taking the fun out of great route. 2 hours of grunting. I guess I can't complain that I was on a rest week because I would not have wanted to spend 5-6 hours out there this week.

Ok enough whining. Mansfield 8 hour is tomorrow. Gear is almost all packed. Pick up the bike from Dave at Georgian Cycle today. That wonderful stick I picked up took out more than just the hanger. Bent cage on the derailleur. Great. My legs, hopefully they will show up sometime late this afternoon. I'm hoping the massage and physio I have today will bring them back.

There is a crew from Big Ring Racing coming down from Ottawa. This includes my sometimes tag team partner. With some gentle taunting from a few of us he agreed to race.

I need to get a bit of fun in my riding life right now and for me that is racing. Racing is fun. 6 plus months of training is now finally going to be tested. As much as I know where my legs are in short races this is the first test.

Race report and pictures in a couple days. For now COFFEE!!!


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