Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rest rest rest!!! Recovery week and holidays at the same time. I think some people would find this a dream but I have to admit I'm not used to this much down time. I'm a bit of a busy body and I was told by my girlfriend that I suck at vacationing since I want to do stuff.

So some of the things on the list. Get my NRS ready for this weekend. I have yet to get my 2nd hardtail yet. Should be here in the first week of June. This means I wouldn't have a backup ride for the 8 hour. No spare bike, couldn't have that so off the wall comes old blue.

Lots of stretching is right at the top of the list. 4 days till the kick off of the endurance race season. The XC Carbon is in at Georgian Cycle with Dave doing his magic on it. I broke my first ever derailleur hanger on Monday. It actually shocked me. This is part of the reason it's there, make sure nothing is out of alignment.

Weather is blah today, trying to get a couple hours on the road bike today. Hoping it won't be on the rollers. For now, because I can, another cup of coffee.

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