Monday, July 9, 2012

Sudbury Ontario Cup

Headed to the big nickel this past weekend, no other way to describe it. Awesome. Had a lot of fun on both the riding and social side on this northern adventure.

Saturday's course scoping wasn't exactly what I wanted, flatted half way through the first lap, ended up walking the rest of the lap before heading back to the hotel. Got to see all the sharp rocks at a much slower pace.

Race day came, small group this time, many missed out. Season plan this year was a top ten finish, accomplished with only ten of us on the start line. Start was better than expected and stayed with the lead pack for most of it, felt good. Rode the single track through the haze with no problems. Rode smart, hit the rocky sections and stuck to the main lines watching for those race ending rocks.

There was no head down and grunt it out point on this day, felt great through the whole race, stayed smooth on the double track sections, seemed to pick up an elite woman every lap. on these sections and gave them a good pull. I knew I was riding well when I caught was riding into the divisions that left ahead of me and not being caught by the guys starting behind me. Yep a great day. Finished 7th but it was my lap times I looked at more than anything. Felt closer to what the old me was capable of. Could I get a little faster this year? Maybe.

Highlights, two broken spokes on the rear wheel, had to stop and wrap one around before it jammed up in my caliper. Had a link in my rear suspension come loose, it's a giant, worked great even like that. I was so happy I was on the Anthem, dualie all the way. Rode a clean race right until the end when I just about nutted myself coming into the finish line/feed zone field. There was a hole, it was deep, I hit it at speed and had both hands off the bars, people saw, I survived and stayed moving. Nice scratch on the leg and a sore hip from being stabbed by my seat.

Great weekend, Monday night ice cream ride tonight.

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