Wednesday, September 10, 2008

important events

The holiday is over. Heather was nice enough to give me a couple easy training days after Provincials.

I am on holidays for the next two weeks. Well needed. There is no holiday from training. The last 8 hour ( )is 3 weeks away. I'm also heading down to Paul's Dirty Enduro ( ) and using the 60km as a warm up. I've heard that it's a great loop. Can't wait.

In other news, two important things are happening. Lance is making a come back and the Terry Fox Run is a couple days away.

For those that know me know I've had Cancer hit twice in my family. It's a cruel disease. Take some time this weekend and get involved. Terry Fox is a hero to everyone.

As for Lance, his comeback is on the same path that Terry Fox went on. To raise awareness of cancer. Oh and kick a little ass on the bike at the same time.

Should make the tour a little more interesting in 2009.

Time to stop drinking coffee and get my butt moving. I love holidays!!


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