Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I want to say thanks to everyone for the concerned emails. I am fine, well as fine as I was before last Saturday. I'm taking another day or so off the bike before I decide on this weekend.

Now what is the revenge part. Well since my hardtail basically raped me, could have bought me diner and a few drinks first! I thought I would take advantage of it myself. By stripping it!! Not completely. I'm one part short at this time but the Blue is now a singlespeed. Dave was out of stock on tensioners. I am pretty excited to play on it once finished. What better way than to stomp the crap out of pedals. pun intended.

I'll do any final races on my NRS. I figure I better let my lower end have a bit of enjoyment after last weekends abuse. Oh and save it for cross.

It's sponsorship time also. Things have be coming in already. Total Body is back again taking care of all my body aches and pains. Dave and Georgian Cycle is taking care of me also and has already helped with the next sponsor. Got a great phone call yesterday. Of course that was followed with a couple papers to sign. So what am I going to be riding?

This times 2

It's funny that I'm back to where I started a couple years ago. Dave put me on a couple NRS's a couple years back and I still have one because I love the bike so much. Well now it's the next step, Anthem X1, 4 inch travel, after last weekends abuse I almost want to race xc on a downhill bike.

I have another new sponsor for 2009 that I will introduce in the next couple weeks. This is something that I'm very excited about and hopefully will make a huge improvement for me.

Still undecided about the 8 hour this weekend. Will spin out the legs tomorrow and Thursday and decide then.

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