Thursday, September 4, 2008

Coming to an end

It's hard to believe that it's September and that the race season is coming to an end. Tonight was the final night of the Mountainview weekly race season. We had a few more visitors tonight with people coming up to ride the Provincial course.

I wasn't able to play, Heather had other plans for me. It was great hearing some feed back about the course from the new riders. Thomas designed a great course and everyone was finding it tough.

After a little socializing it was time to put on a couple pounds. Brien took on the grill tonight

Followed by cake. Hey everyone loves cake. Even me!!!!

It's been great watching some of the newer riders get stronger and it's always great having some inter club rivalries. Another great season has come to an end.

Speaking of coming to an end. It's sponsorship time!!! Pick Me, Pick Me!!! I will be on new bikes next year, what I'm unsure of. I like Blue's bikes but with no full suspension in the near future my back can't take the abuse of another season on hardtails. Of course I think that it will become a very nice single speed.

Need rest, next stop, provincials. Lets see how many Mountainview riders can get on the podium.



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