Wednesday, September 17, 2008

season slowing? Nope

Holidays equals rest? Nope, only more facial hair. A romp in Copeland forest today had me working the legs. I'm not sure who worked harder, me or the Molly Monster. I know that she hates hill repeats.

I'll be heading down to Paul's Dirty Enduro with Mr. Dawson. I'll get to play cheerleader for a couple hours since I'm only playing on the 60km course this weekend. We don't start until 11 while the 100km riders start at 8am. Ben has won this race the last few years and plans on continuing to do so this year. I really would have loved to race the full course. 100km, one lap all singletrack. Ya that's the words I used also. The 60 km is sounding just as fun. Last years winner was just over 3 hours. Hmmm, I'll be riding hard, my evil coach has me scheduled for a beat the crap out of myself ride which basically means free for all.

This event is also a charity event which of course always brings a little extra to it. Here is the link for the full run down on what started it it.

Tomorrow is a preride of the Hardwood Fall 8 Hour course. Ben is coming out for the loop. I love the course they have laid out, it's a great section across the road that is only used for this and the Canada Cup. Lots of technical climbs, roots, and fast descents. I'll have the camera out and post a few pics tomorrow night.

Need food.


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