Monday, September 15, 2008

Terry Fox Run

Like every year this is a really important day to me. Terry Fox has a spot in every one's heart that has ever been affected by cancer. Today's event showed the results of all the donations and time people have put in research.

Colby Matthews is a member of the Mountainview Cycling Club. He is one of the youngest members but at age 2 almost didn't get the opportunity to even live. Colby had leukemia.

This year Colby was asked to lead the parade. Even with an strained knee from last weeks Ontario Cup Colby was up for the job. If you have the drive to live 10km is a cake walk.

Pedalling one leg for the whole loop.

The rain held off but I don't think that it discouraged many to not come out. All ages were there, running, walking and riding.

Even a couple clowns on unicycles

Losing my Dad to cancer a few years ago was a very very tough time in my life and changed me as a person. It was amazing seeing a success story with Colby. It reminds you that every little bit can help.

Miss you Dad

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