Sunday, August 31, 2008

training blahs

My attempts of getting some race pace miles in on the Provincial course went to the shits yesterday. Yes, I do get to ride it. The perks of the club. Of course it didn't work out to plan,I crashed. Not hard enough to do any major damage but hard enough to blow a tire and tear up my knee. Ya my favorite possible body part to have damage done to.

Of course it could have been prevented. The hardtail was still set up for Albion Hills and with 1500 plus riders the course was pretty much a smooth as pavement. Mountainview is not. It's dry, really dry. There is soft sand on top of hardpacked. This means not alot of traction. Tire selection for the front end will be decided in a couple days. No rain in the forecast. It's still the best course to finish out the Ontario Cup season. Just thought of this, Cross season starts in a few weeks. Woo Hoo. Ride the Vomit Comet.


Anonymous said...

I bet that you are really looking forward to the running part, right?


Matt Spak said...

Yep that running thing, Funny thing is I'm a strong runner on the road. The cross races are short enough with a week of recovery in between which should be easier to recover from.