Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Random thoughts about my stomach

Yes my wonderful stomach. For those that know me well and those that have been sitting at the start area when I'm present have all heard it. That wonderful gag reflex. Some carry their stress in their shoulders, others in their neck. Me when my nerves get going I sound like I'm going to puke up a kidney.

So where am I going with this? Back to the race on the weekend and the fact that it felt like someone had stabbed me a hundred times in the stomach. I spent Sunday relaxing and refueling. I was down a bit of weight because of the lack of fluids and food able to bring in, looking into what may have caused it. Final decision, no more Sustained Energy for me during short races.

I was fine during the 24 hour with it because I was mixing it in with some solids and that seemed to work. I love that line don't try anything new on race day. The problem with that is how often do we go out and do a 9 hour training ride at race pace. I know, I know, we don't. So of course problems like this don't show up in day to day training.

Live, learn, won't do that again. My legs are feeling good and I'm off to play in the woods with the slave driver tonight. Heather and I are heading out for a night ride. I haven't played in the dark since the 24 hour and with another only a few days away I figured I better get my owl vision back in check.

Anyone that's down playing this weekend, stop by for a beer. I'm racing on a 4 person team called Cranked. I'll also be helping Andrew Parry in his pits when I can. Hoping he ripes the course apart. It's going to be a much more relaxing race weekend than I've had in a long time. I think I'm only going to bring one bike, I can eat real food and get to hang out and have fun through out the race. I have this strange feeling that I won't sleep anymore than I normally do.

Back to the start of this thought, my stomach, time to put some food in it. possible pictures from the ride tonight later.

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