Wednesday, August 27, 2008

no pay no play

I think my coach will give me a little smack. This is the first time that I have had to skip a workout. BUT! I have a really good excuse. No my dog did not eat all my bikes but close. I had yet to clean the hardtail so there is one bike down, plus my SLR is now gone to be rebuilt. The rim failed, this is the first ever real problem I've ever had with a Mavic wheel. I was out for a recovery ride last night on the cross and noted that it needed TLC and the road bike needed to have a little lovin. SHHH about the f/s even though it is still sorta apart.

Either way the body is enjoying a full rest day. I'm still a bit tired from the last couple weeks of racing and add the last couple weeks of work on that with the truck ordeal etc I think it was a great excuse. Ive also been able to decide on the races for the next month. Provincials are in but they will be a training ride, Paul's dirty enduro unfortunately is out. The Hardwood 8 hour will be the final major event of the season.

Wow, it's getting close to the end of the season already. On my way up to the restaurant, hey if it's a rest day I might as well have a rest from cooking also, I noticed some Canadian geese. Do you know what direction they were heading. hmmm Makes me wonder what the fall temperatures may be like, let alone the winter.

Speaking of winter, I picked up some videos from Neil Ireland. Neil owns Cadence XC, for those of you out of the main loop in Ontario or just not paying attention during events, he's the guy with the video camera surgically implanted to his head.
Ok maybe not that far, but built into his helmet for sure. Neil is at almost every major Ontario event taping all the excitement along with a lap of the course. What better way to winter train than to watch what you will be racing on once the snow melts. For us dirt lovers watching endless tour videos will help get us by but nothing beats seeing some kick ass single track on the tv while sweating our a$$es off on a trainer in the living room.
His link is below.

I'll be back pedalling my ass off tomorrow, why did i skip on the easy workout? Quick note, I will be checking out the provincial course in the next couple days and will have lots of pictures to help scare the world. Ok maybe Ontario as they raid our little town next weekend. Just remember what goes up gets to come down. 3 times a lap!!!

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