Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The count down is on. Getting the last few days of training in before the Mountainview 9 hour. It was a recovery ride day so a quick tour on the rail trail.

The legs are feeling good. A little sore but that good sore.

My plan for this race. This is the only view that my competition will see. Just kidding.

I am in a good place right now. I'm not nervous at all. Every athlete Heather coaches have always said that the felt perfect on race day. If with the new race plan which of course I will not share with you, I'm relaxed and in a happy place. AWWWWW sigh. Actually I'm really excited, I want to see how I feel and what the end result will be with the new approach.

So the bikes are basically ready to go. I'm in the finally stages of making the hardtail happy again. BMuckwallow was hard on it. Old faithful, the NRS, will be tucked int eh corner just in case.

I guess you could say I have all my ducks in a row.

I just noticed something as I'm typing this. It's dark and its not even 9pm. Wow, summer has flown by. There is still a ton of racing left but the better thing to this is NIGHT RIDES!!!!!!!!! Hot August Nights is next weekend. I'm racing on a 4 person team. The guys are all fast and very serious. Sweet. I think I will have to get a night ride in next week.

Alright gotta get the last bit of tuning done.



pary said...
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pary said...

Hi Matt,
i have registered in the solo category for the Moutainview 9hr, but I still have not received any race info and i am hoping you can help!

The most pressing question I have is whether there is going to be a solo pit where I can park my car, or will I need a tent/tarp for my cooler and stuff as I am going solo for the first time and I am going unassisted...

The next one is to due with timing my trip as I am driving up that morning from Toronto and would like to know when I need to be there...

Any help would be appreciated!

I am psyched/nervous/anxious/excited about the race!


pary said...

Thomas got back to me so i now have the info.

See you saturday