Saturday, July 5, 2008

climbing? not today

It was one of those fun rides. No training, no intervals just pedal. Yes I have had a few of those rides lately. Things are all on track again.Today was a road trip day. I'm a bit ticked at myself for not bringing my camera. No pictures, sorry.

Off to Buckwallow which is just outside of Gravenhurst. Had a great group to ride with. Buckwallow is the craziest place for rocks and roots. You do not need hills to make your heartrate spike when you have those two things.

It was a play day so I pretty much just sat on someones wheel the whole time letting them set the pace. I had a great time. I was forcing myself to take some nasty lines to see what I could get over and what I got stalled up on. i would highly recommend riding up here if you need to get some technical riding in.

I will say that a carbon hardtail was not the best bike to be riding up there. I would have loved my full for a few of the drop offs and chatter.I've been playing with some setup on the hardtail and I really like the way the bike feels right now.

So a couple hours of leg spinning then topped it off at an outdoor patio with some good food and beer. HMMM I wonder if I would get fat and slow if I ate like that after every ride.

I'm not going to think about it. Easy day.


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