Friday, July 18, 2008

The tempature was up and so was the mileage. It's been a few weeks since I put in some real miles and with the 8 hour just over a week away it was time to get the legs working again.

To make things enjoyable it was the Big Chute Loop. This loop has the best of everything. Not much in the line of big hills but lots of short rollers. The scenery is amazing and there is very little traffic.

Running along side Georgian Bay

It was hovering just above 90 degrees, with the humity even higher. I started to wonder if the heat was getting to me. Then I saw this. Do you see what I see? This is your brain this is your brain on drugs?

Lots of short steep rollers.

The tempation of jumping in the water came over me many times.

The highlight of the route is a 5 km section, a roller coaster ride that finishes with a hairpin turn that you hit at around 55plus. A little braking into the turn.

The legs felt pretty good. Averaged 31km/h staying aerobic. My neck is started to soften finally. I think this will be my concern for the 8 hour more than if my legs have recovered. Will be riding the course tomorrow. Time to do my day job.


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