Friday, July 11, 2008

shut down!!

My official un-official coach has me shut down. No hard rides. Was at the weekly Mountain view race last night. Hammered off the line and was leading for the first half of the lap until I made a wrong turn. Off course chasing is always harder. I started to feel crappy. Not in the legs, actually not in the muscle side of things but the burn coming through the chest told me to shut it down.

I like pain, ok well with in reason. Hell you don't enter long races if you don't have some sort of sadist masochist side to you. This was the warning pain though. Got back to the car, made a phone call and next thing you know I'm on heart rate restrictions and seat time cut offs. I was kinda expecting that to happen.

It's only a couple weeks out from SS and it should be expected. The cancelling of Lost in the Rocks and Trees was obviously a great idea. I do have a play ride in 3 stage planned for Sunday with some of the club. Hopefully some great pictures. Will be fun.


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