Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I think they hate me!!

I swear these two woman hate me. This one below is Heather. The Coach.

The other is Mother Nature. She was unavailable for a picture. To busy raining on peoples parades.

I now understand torture. Tonight I had the option of 4 different work out. All hard but a couple hard than the others. Now what would you do. Ya I picked the cruelest one. I could have went and did the weekly race at Hardwood but NOOOO that would be fun. I could have picked the 5 minute intervals but NOOO I had to take the program that hurt. It's kinda like a mob hit and you tell them which fingers to break in what order. You know it's going to hurt but maybe not having the options it might not hurt as much?

So that takes care of one of the women. The other. My favorite person to complain about. I think she is everyones, so the workout was hard enough but lets add in some rain and wind just to make things a little more enjoyable.

Ya I loved the work out and the rain was actually nice. Just had to whine for a minute.

I was able to have a little bit of fun though and got a lap in of the Mountainview 9 Hour course. I like it. The great climb up the river bend is in this year along with some awesome singletrack. Oh and the highlight will most definitely be the crazy switchback decent. It's all about being able to stay off the brakes. Easier said than done. The course is a mix of roots, tight singletrack and only a minimum of double track. There is really only one section and that is up on the top of the hill.

Sign up people. It's going to be a kick ass event.

Gotta run


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Drew said...

Hey Matt it's Andrew Parry. I can't do the ride this weekend. I'm out east for 1 week. I'll call you when I get back.