Tuesday, July 1, 2008

play time

Hooked up with the the crew for the weekly club ride at Copeland Forest. Ok I shouldl be still spinning things out but of course that doesn't happen when you are at Copeland or riding with these guys. This was a training ride for them which meant a high pace. It's also a system of trails that is pretty much climbing of decending.

I had fun. Lots of fun. The legs were a bit pissed at me on some of the climbs. Well today is now be switched to a recovery ride. I'm finding that zone again which is making me happy. Hopefully this will be the last post on mental issues as I think they are dealt with. Now it's time to get the body back in check.

Hot August Nights has been set up now. I'm going to sit back and have some fun. I'm racing on a 4 person team. Of course it will be a fast team. They were running in 3rd at Solstice. It will be nice being able to hammer out single laps and actually have a break to recover.

Yep, I'm getting back into a racers mind. K gotta go and spin


Happy Canada Day!

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Shorty said...


I am so happy to hear you are on a good competitive team. I think you do well "playing with others" you feed off their energy and they feed off your spirit - which i think for you - is a very good thing.