Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rain rain go away!!

Not much happening the last few days. Riding has been cut back. Part by choice part by the fact that Mother Nature hates southern Ontario right now. Mother Nature and I have this love/hate relationship. Most of the time I love her. Right now I'm on the fence. It's been raining everyday since sunday and part of last week had crazy storms.

Predictions for Saturday's weather. Hot and Wet. 'That's ok if your with a lady but not when you're in the jungle!" A quote from Good Morning Vietnam. Classic. Yep, this race will definetly be the jungle. High humidity, high temperature, high precipitation. Let's just hope the weather man screws up like usual.

Even with the rain this course should hold up really well. With the rock and roots tires are going to be the tough decision.

I've seen a few more fast names show up on the race list. Should be fun.

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