Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thoughts of the last few days

The last couple days have had my mind all over the place. So what happened at Hardwood? I've had a couple tough weeks at work that had mentally drained me. Was I not in the mood to suffer? Who knows.

Sunday was a 5 hour ride with Andrew Parry. Things felt great. That lead in my legs was gone. Andrew is really strong right now so I had no problem tucking in the draft. Awesome person to train with. He should have been on the podium at Solstice, I think he will be at Hot August Nights. Had some talks of a trip to the states for a race.

What happened to Tristan at World's? Was he tired, did he crash, did he break 2 bikes? No answers yet, all we know is that he was done after 3 laps. Hopefully it's nothing to major but he must be really disappointed. He is a monster this year.

I'm happy to say that I will no longer be screwing my training up. Heather is fixing me now officially. All I have to do is pedal. This is awesome news for me and bad news for everyone else. Smart woman, all her athletes always kick ass.


I'm now playing with my Garmin trying to figure out how to upload her workout on to it. Stupid computers. Ok, stupid user computer is smart.

Buckwallow Ontario Cup will have me on the sidelines cheering. Next race is the Mountainview 9 hour.

Off to the real world job.


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