Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Its been a busy last couple days. Busy but not the riding busy. Still working away at my rental apartment. Wall paper is the evil and will not be allowed at all for any tenants from this point on.

My winter race kit from blue is here. I'll be nice and cozy warm on the coldest training days. My 1st XC Carbon frame is here and Dave hammered away in the evening to have it ready for me. The phone rang at 8:30 with that distinctive line "Your bike is ready" With Mansfield only 4 days away and Dave trying to take a few days off he didn't want to leave me rushing on Saturday playing with brake and grip position a few hours before I leave. The bike looks sweet. This one was built up with the parts off my 2005 NRS. The one that just hung on the tent at races and collected dust in the gear room. Couldn't not use all the parts since they are basically new.

I'm off to see Dr. Cameron this evening to get my workout list for my knees. I'm getting a bit impatient and want to start the recovery. I other words I want to be able to ride and not pay for it the next day. No pain on the bike but the last few rides my knees are aching the next day. I'm also going to be picking a few friends brains to help build a weight program for me.

I'll have the apartment grunt work done in the next week or so which means time to focus again.

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