Saturday, November 10, 2007

The last couple days have been a bit interesting. I got out on the cross bike for an hour Thursday and things felt pretty good. Then the next morning came. My right knee was just aching. The pain was one thing but both knees were a pretty colour of red. Lots of inflammation. Not good. I rode again today for an hour and they were still sore. This is not a good thing since I've got the 40km race in a week. I'm fine when I'm riding its afterwards that is the problem.

What does this mean. Means after next weekend I'm going to get off the bike, see Dr. Cameron, get my weight training program ready and get these dam knees fixed. I'm looking into a couple of the local gyms since I'm limited on the weights at home. This tracking problem is starting to concern me. I know that rest is going to be a huge part of this and sitting on the bike for 3 hours is not helping.

Today was a great ride though. I was a bit limited on time so it was a cruise ride on the road bike. The sun was shinning and it was a perfect fall day. Plus 6 is a nice temp to ride in if you remember to wear the right gloves. The hands were not happy with me as the temperature dropped in the last half of my ride. Ahhh could be snowing.

On the toy lists the XC Carbon will be at Georgian Cycle this week to hopefully be ready for next weekend. I'm getting a bit anxious now and I'm not one for doing the last minute prep on a bike.

More later. I know I still need to post some good pics of the CX. Soon

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