Monday, November 19, 2007

So where am I at. Legs and knees actually feel pretty good. Ok truth. no pain but the legs still feel weak. The knees are my concern and they felt good this morning. No major inflammation which was my biggest concern. Now that hot epson slat bath did help last night.

So where am I at. Well mentally I'm saying that's it for the season. I really don't think I will touch a bike for at least a month. How many times have a broken that line. I'm extremely happy with the way this year worked out with results and the learning curve of my body. Physically my legs are ready for something outside of riding. I've yet to get the roller skis out and running is probably not an option for a little bit. For some strange reason I have this craving to hit the weights. I hate the gym because nothing beats the speed of outdoor training. Now on the other side of things I will admit that I like looking riped for all the photos that are taken during a race. Aww come on, admit it. Everyone likes looking good in pictures.

So here it is. The off season. Holly shit its been a long season. I think I'm going to add up the miles of racing one evening. Why just because I don't know what to do with my spare time over the next month or so. Well I have my rental apartment to do some renovations on, start training at the gym, besides that. I've already started watching my food intake and adjusting. Ya nice way of saying that I have put on a couple pounds. Not enough to even concern the average person but I don't want it to proceed any farther. I want to come into 2008 even stronger than I did this year. Mentally I'm already prepping for the 2008 season.

I'll get a few pic up from the race along with pics up of the cross bike in the next couple days. Thanks Speedy for getting me my XC in time

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