Sunday, November 25, 2007

Winter is here one day gone the next. Started to get the craving to go skiing. This is a good thing because its been hard to get a craving to do much of anything the last couple days. I did the next best thing and got out on the cross bike for an hour today. Kept the heartrate low and just had fun. I'm starting into all the knee exercises and its not exactly helping my mind to get back into training. The right knee has been really bad the last couple days. This ride was what I needed.

All right enough bitching. Suck it up and get in focus. One thing that I'm trying to keep the inflammation down is a product called Traumeel. It does seem to help and since I really don't like taking Advil anymore than necessary this is a great change. Its all natural, I'll let you know over the week if it works.

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the original big ring said...

I hear you bro. Hard to stay motivated this time of year.