Monday, November 26, 2007

Round one of recovery. Hit the gym tonight. Yep I caved but I think its going to extremely beneficial. I focused on my legs and core tonight. Lighter weights lots of reps. Now to make things a bit more interesting I rode in and back. Not that its far or a technical ride but with a steady stream of snow coming down it did a little more enjoyment to.

I actually didn't mind the time in the gym and am starting to lay out a training schedule. It's going to be 4 days a week of weights and hopefully weather permitting will include the ride in and out. Mix that in with yoga and one good day of on the rollers things will start to come together. Ya I'm getting back in focus.

On another note, no skate skiing for this guy for a little while. Because of the technique and muscles used it would actually slow my recovery of this tracking issue. Well it just means time on the classics.

The CX6.5 handles awesome in the crap weather. I'm running Maxis Locust tires which I found gripped well in the snow. Now the bonus to this tire combo is the speed that I ride at. Normally on the road bike I ride in the 33-35km/h average, well with the cross tires those speeds are considerable lower which means more time on the bike on some of my normal training routes. Ya I like this bike more and more. Its going to be a great training tool.

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